This year, the Organizers of PBCCE 2023 invite you to Lodz, to the Institute of Electronics at the Lodz University of Technology, which will provide its lecture halls and computer labs available for all sessions and workshops.
  Lodz University of Technology: Campus B Lodz University of Technology: The Factory of 21st Century Engineering
Lodz University of Technology: Campus B, Institute of Electronics – Conference venue (photo on the left). Campus A, The Factory of 21st Century Engineering – Workshops venue (photo on the right).
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Łódź is a city of unique 19th-century factories, tenement houses, richly decorated palaces of factory owners and many other historic buildings. Most of them have been adapted to new functions after renovation. Lodz University of Technology has a 35-hectare campus in the heart of the city, modern facilities as well as revitalized, post-industrial buildings surrounded by lush greenery. Former villas and palaces of industrialists of a bygone era next to steel and glass structures. The Institute of Electronics is located in one of these buildings. It occupies part of the revitalized facility of the former factory Friedrich Wilhelm Schweikert, built at the turn nineteenth and twentieth centuries.  

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Lodz University of Technology is one of the best technical universities in Poland. It is proud to have been educating engineers for 75 years. Over 120,000 well-educated graduates are the fruit of the work of several generations of highly-qualified staff: teaching, research and technical staff, as well as professional administrative support.
LUT is an attractive partner for business in the region. It cooperates with the largest companies in the country and abroad. It conducts scientific research of the European standard, creates new technologies and inventions in cooperation with the best scientific establishments all over the world.
For many years now the University has been pursuing a policy of intellectual property management that focuses on the effective transfer of innovative technologies to the economy and generating revenue through intangible assets. The mechanisms developed and continuously improved at Lodz University of Technology for the commercialization of university innovations have made it possible to effectively market many R&D projects by selling them and licensing their use. Spin-offs are another way in which the University successfully transfers novel solutions to business, at the same time encouraging and supporting academic entrepreneurship.

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Researchers of Lodz University of Technology have created many world-class groundbreaking and innovative solutions (inventions, licenses, utility models, know-how, etc.), which is reflected in the many medals and awards won at prestigious trade fairs and exhibitions. The University carries out many projects in cooperation with international partners, also involving students in international projects based on new technologies and social challenges.